Reflective Friday

March 1, 2019

After a long week of the same old routine, something can come up unexpected and change everything. That is the kind of week/experience I had. It’s the little things that can throw a person off — A phone call, a word, a look from someone.

Emotions can be tricky , they are normal to have but some are hard to deal with. Always second guessing, did I do the right thing? Maybe I should? If only ? BLAHHHHHH ….as my mom always said ” tomorrow is a new day, don’t worry about it”


2 thoughts on “Reflective Friday

  1. If it was only easy to not “worry about it”! Many a phone call, word or look create that worry and the question: Maybe I should have said, done, suggested, ignored…knowing that all of these are normal human reactions doesn’t make it any easier–just human. I find a nap helps–My motto is: a nap helps everything!


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