The Dog….

I never grew up with a dog but somehow I was convinced that a Dog was the best pet to have when you have children. Many circumstances came my way after marriage and the moment we decided it was time to start thinking about getting a dog– Rollie was part of the family.

I can not dismiss the fact that Rollie was the BEST choice we made in adding a member to the family but I had no idea what I was in for. (Not to mention I am a bit of a germ freak.) Training a puppy in itself is something you never forget- The sleepless nights with potty breaks, cleaning out a cage daily when you come home from work, One mess after the other, SURPRISES at times when you walk in the door to the mischif they get into, saying goodby to items you love because they have been eaten or sucked on, the drull, the sneezes, the smell that comes out of their butt, OH YIKES>>>>> Getting a dog does a number to your aging process. But today…. today I love the dog.


2 thoughts on “The Dog….

  1. I am so thankful God made dogs! My dogs are my saving grace! Even though they cause “surprises” every day, there is no better gift to yourself than getting a dog.


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