Sunday Blah’s

Sundays are not as exciting a they were when we were kids- The chores that must get done are never ending…the planning for what needs t oget done in the week ahead can be very overwhelming– not to mention getting things organized for what the kids need on top of it all can be just to much to handle on a simple Sunday.

As I sit today on this Sunday morning looking out my picture window thinking of all the things I must get done today and the things I am already talking myself out of doing I wonder who else feels this way. I know my friends all feel this same Blah but across the world, does anyone have a diferant outlook to a Sunday. I would like to change my thought process all together about Sundays but it seems like this is how it has been since I can remenber. Well gotta start the task list…….


3 thoughts on “Sunday Blah’s

  1. Yep- just got back from a ton of chores where I brought my son along, felt that dread of. Yay week ahead . I tried to really take time to appreciate him and then he held my hand going into the grocery store! This led right into my post for today. I appreciate that you write about noticings of your daily life! Try focusing on something you might miss a year from now.


  2. Misery loves company, I suppose, but how about reframing Sundays into a true day of rest. We are all so GO, GO, GO during the week and I know there is so much to do on the weekends but sometimes, most times for me in fact, I need to give myself permission to just rest, recuperate and rejuvenate on Sundays. I do it anyway so I might as well act like it’s planned! Good luck with the week ahead and I hope you enjoy this Blah day!


  3. I’m old and remember this feeling. Now, if the house doesn’t get vacuumed or the laundry doesn’t get done on the weekend, I’m okay with it. I’ve decided I’d rather spend some of my down-time making sure I get a couple chapters of my book read and possibly a nap. If there’s time to vacuum, it’s a bonus. On Monday morning I’m rested and ready for my classroom and completely distracted from my dirty floor. It’s just going to get dirty again, anyway.


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