What a wet day…

So today I had high hopes that we were going to have a 50 degree day. NOPE not hte case. The rain came around Noon and stayed the entire day. This did not stop me from enoying the day of events that was in front of me and my daughter.. First tunmbing. Check- Then off to have a birthday lunch with family and enjoy some Irish festiviteis- Check. Then off to a Birthday party– Check—…..

I thing that is enough for one day but now the evening is here and there is still a few things left to do. Visiting with friends from out of town. With all of this going on who has time to think about the ick weather that has hit today and left the sun behind.

I look forward to the warm weather ahead, I just hope if comes sooner than later.. More tomorrow


One thought on “What a wet day…

  1. That is quite a list for a rainy day. It doesn’t even sound like you were able to fit in a rainy day nap! Hoping the sun comes by soon.


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