A day with Mom

Having your Birthday a week before your Mother’s has it’s advantages. As an adult now, I love celebrating with her by spending an afternnon together doing something we both enjoy. This year we hit the spa. In years past we have gone to a play, had lunch, gone shopping, or to a show. This year I thought I would be adventorous and try a new place. There are times you just gotta stick to the places you know. The place was not the 10 stars I am used to. There was no class to the place and it could use a good housekeeper. I do not like to talk badly about people so I will stop there—- Let’s just say I will not be recommending it to anyone nor will I ever go back. But Mom and I made the best of it and enjoyed the sunshine God gave us today !!!


2 thoughts on “A day with Mom

  1. That’s too bad it wasn’t a good place. Glad to hear you were able to make the best of the not so great situation. (and if it is a local place make sure to warn me!!)


  2. I’m guessing that you will bring up this yucky place on every birthday celebration from now on. Those rotten experiences make some good memories…and great comparisons for all the following celebrations.


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