Spring Clean out

This is a time where I find myself excited to clean out the old and bring in new life. Why is the chore of Spring cleaning always sometihng that feels like you are moving mountains no matter how big or small the task may be??? I am feeling that right now as March is moving out and April in on it’s way.

As I look around and make my list of all the things I want to get done I start to feel defeated already. grumble…grumble… I know, I need to call the experts and bring in the “team” of pros that will haul it all out and make piles and pitch- donate-save! LOL That’s the answer !!! I’m ready to overhaul my entire house. I feel like I’m nesting and it all must GO.


3 thoughts on “Spring Clean out

  1. Such an honest post about the real real life struggle we all have with clutter, especially as spring comes and insists we see all the dust and dinge so we take action.


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