In a rush

Why is it, that there are always a number of things that need to be done after the 8 hour work day is over… The home tasks are never ending. My body aches as I sit here and type this entry and there is still dinner to be served, cleaned up, laundry to be completed, work repots to type, floors to cleaned and bills to be paid. SIGH….

I sound like a complete Debbie downer — I need a service that can be in my home getting all the tasks done while I am at work so when I do walk in the door the pressure of all the other things on the to do list is completed. I am sure this is the wish of most women in America…. Gotta keep living the dream in my house.


One thought on “In a rush

  1. Ha! I have told my husband that I can either have the full time job of being a teacher, or the full time job of keeping the house in order…but not both. I’m not super-woman…and I won’t even try to be. Living the dream, Sister!!


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