Last Nerve,,,,,

When I tell my child to be sure she brings home her homework after she has forgotten it for the past two days at school and she was told she would be grounded till the end of time….You would think she would have it in hand as she walked in the door. As I drove up to the sitters to pick her up I was hoping a smile would be on her face telling me “yes mom, I brought my homework home”. Instead I walked through the door, took one look at her and she said ” I could not find the packet mom” …………………..

I lost my cool— In front of the sitter she was told to ger her butt in the car and to pray there is someone at the school to let her in to find her homework… SCREAM- SEEING RED—- She will not see the weekend sunshine. My child must have been praying the entire ride over to the school. When we arrived no one was there, and the doors were locked. As we stood there and I hoped for a teacher to pass by , there she was- a random teacher let us in and my child was able to find her paper .


One thought on “Last Nerve,,,,,

  1. Once again, been there! I’m glad the teacher was there and that prayers were answered. Your slice shows real raw emotion that all parents understand. Thanks for sharing !


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