Can you say Spring Break ! It’s hard to believe the week has finally arrived. Going into this day you wonder what will the day be like. Please let the hours go by with no big suprises. Of course I have my “to do list” that needs to get done before the bell rings and as always the kids seem to have the inside know- how to when you are trying to complete something and that is when all H LL breaks loose. As I made my way through my tasks the minutes day continued to go by and prouctivity was on its way. Before I knew it the bell was about to ring……….. H E L L O Spring Break !!!


3 thoughts on “WOOOHOOOOO

  1. That is one of the best feelings of the school year. Time to recoup all that energy drained from every pore of your soul since Christmas break. Enjoy!


  2. I wasn’t in my building yesterday and I got home simply defeated; I get exhausted of…better not to get into the details.
    However, today I feel so much better. What a difference a good rest does. Everything looks different today with my cup of coffee The sun is shining from my inside.
    Have a wonderful break!


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