The sounds of something…

Is there a particular sound that makes you smile or makes your insides happy? What I mean is– for me it’s the sound of the wash machanie or the vacuum, and or the lawn mower. It brings such gratification and a sense or happiness inside of me becuase the sounds of those things means something is being accomplished. Call me strange but there is nothing like a sunny day while relaxing with a good book and listening to the sound of the vacuum on the second floor being pushied around and the lawnmover going as it cuts my lawn and the wash machanie going all at the same time or seperatly through out the day. Oh and let’s not forget the dishwasher !!! I like a clean house and a well kept yard. When those sounds are happening that means work is getting done in my house and that makes me smile on the inside and out ! Speaking of…gotta flip the laundry. grumble grumble….


One thought on “The sounds of something…

  1. And those sounds are especially good while reading a book. It means you are both working AND enjoying a good story–the best kind of “working”.


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