First day of break

Oh geeze that damn dog — shut him up! When people allow their dogs to bark and bark I think they should be fined. It is the fist Monday morning of my break and sleepiong in was on my agenda today. As my brain is focused on the dog barking I realize it is not to much later than the time I typically wake up on a school day— UGGGH not happy. I then tune in to the fact my back is killing me and how I must go for an adjustment today at some point. There is no going back to bed now the items that I hope to get done today are starting to travel through my mind. Might as well get up and start my day. As I peek into my daughters room to see if she has woken yet I see movement from the dog as he stretches out, that means my child is still asleep. Maybe I will go lay back down for a few as no one in this house is up yet anyway……….The chores can wait ———


3 thoughts on “First day of break

  1. I love the decision that you should just go back to bed. That is exactly the best way to start your break. I think the dog woke you up so you could enjoy going BACK to bed. Without the barking, you wouldn’t have appreciated that little gift.


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