Early to rise….

How does the wise tale go… Early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise ! Well today with the sunshine greeting me first thing this morning I decided it was a good day to get up early and go for a walk– It was my FIRST walk for the Spring season. God I love walking outside and listening to nature all around me. The birds were talking and the dogs were too. It was a great morning to be out there and taking it all in. After my walk I had to get ready as my daughter and I had a date wtih a girlfriend and her kids. We packed up the troops and went downtown to enjoy one of my childhood favorite museums, MSI. It had not changed in all these years. It still had just about every exhibit that was there 25 years ago. When I asked my child what was her favorite part she picked the Coal Mine exhibit. That was mine too as a kid. All and all it was a great day. Hopefuly all the kids will sleep good tonight!


3 thoughts on “Early to rise….

  1. Even though I struggle with myself, getting up with the sun actually always turns into a great morning. I wish I lived closer to museums. They are always so rewarding.


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