What a day…

I’m very full from dinner tonight- it was well worth the wait today…. Let me start at the beginning of my day and share where it was that I ended my day–

It was another beautiful morning as the sun was shining and the chirpping of the birds greeted me as well. I got up and was excited to get dressed to take a morning walk. This is the weather that makes me excited to walk again and feel the sunshine on my face. ( Can’t wait for summer) After my walk my daughter and I had to tackle the clean out of the basement. Faith was not happy about this task as I have been talking about it for weeks prior to this week and how we have to get it done duirng out school Break. She dragged her feet but once we were downstairs she was good to go. She of course has a sleep over that is tomorrow that she wants to go to and so with that in her mind she will press on and get the task done. Funny how having something to look forward to always helps to get through a task. I too had something that was in the back of my mind today and that was dinner with some friends. We are trying a new place and I’m not sure what to expect. The day went by pretty fast and before I knew it I was getting ready to join my friends. Dinner was very delicious much to my surprise. It was all very good, even the cocktails. I don’t think I ate that much but I felt very full. I am glad we tried a new place and I will go back again — For Dessert !!!


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