Where does the time go?

After starting my day today I realize Yikes, it’s already after 12:00pm and I ask myself what have I gotten done today? Not much- LOL. I guess I should give myself some credit, I did go for a walk. My break is winding down and so is my energy. The one thing my daughter and I have to get done today is a haircut and I must not miss that time. I thought we were going to get rain today and that does not seem to be the case, so the plan to do something indoors does not feel like the thing to do now. My daughter is perfectly content in staying in all day and watching Utube shows after having a sleep over with her friends last night. You can guess what kind of energy she has and the mood she is in today. .. ….UGHHHH

Looks like I am on my own today- Good day to take in a book I guess…..


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