This to shall pass…..

The tension in my neck cracks when I rotate it today. The “to do” list seems to be growing with new things instead of getting smaller as I get things done and crossed off. My mind seems to be all over the place trying to keep everything straight in my head- It is just one of those WEEKS. I know these things come and go but when you are in the thick of it things seems to never end ….and the tension my body feels does not want to lift. Sitting here now trying to concentrate on the words as I put them on paper is hard as in the back of my mind I have the things I need to get to next once this is done. My mother is great like so many are in this world and her famous saying to me that I will carry with me my entire life is: This to shall pass…..


2 thoughts on “This to shall pass…..

  1. We are all trying to just keep swimming right now! Your mom is right, “This too shall pass.” And as my father says, “It is just a phase.”


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