What a mess

Sometimes having a quiet day at home alone does not bring peace like you had hoped for. The time alone instead makes me look around and see all the things I would like to rip out of my house and re-do. The house chores I know are never done and when you think you have things in a good order there is always something that grabs your attention to say otherwise.

I have a million things in my head today that I have to get done and I already have fast forwarded the day in my mind and now I have an overwhelming feeling of yuck. (big sigh) One thing at a time is rolling in my head as I hear my mothers voice saying to me. “Don’t get yourself all worked up.” There is never enough hours in a day, ever. Well I better get to the second thing on my list for today as writing this entry was task #1. A smile has come over me knowing I got the first thing done and it’s not even 9:00AM. LOL.


4 thoughts on “What a mess

  1. Good job getting this first thing done!

    I totally do the same thing where I fast forward the day and the wide open day you felt like you had is already gone before it starts. But I’ve been working really hard to be mindful and “stay in the present.” It really helps. So see if you can do that so your day doesn’t disappear on you.

    And make sure you take some time to rest!


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