Aunt Kim

“Aunt Kim” is a sound I love to hear coming from my little Niece and Nephews. Vera is 2 and she is in the cute and needy stage. My brother is exhausted with her and tells me I can have her for the day as he would welcome some time without the constant crying or “wanting” this and that every minute of the day as she is always on the go and never ever satisfied with anything. I can recall those days with my own daughter but she was not as “on the go: as her cousin but she also did not have an older brother that tormented her most days ( I wonder if that makes a difference)? After spending a few hours with Miss Vera you are looking to see if it is nap time soon (lol). My own daughter is 12 now and there are days when I wish I could rewind the years back and have more time with her in those younger years. Grade school went by in a blink, Jr. High is half over and High school is on the horizon. Why does time go by so fast……


One thought on “Aunt Kim

  1. Time is going by so quickly, isn’t it?? I just mentioned that in someone else’s slice. Our littles are not so little anymore! I love who they are becoming but it breaks this mama’s heart sometime.


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