Cable Bill

How do I live without “live” cable? My entire life I have had live cable, yes I have had to play the game of calling up and getting a better package every now and then when I fall out of the contract but now it is OUTRAGEOUS. I understand that today’s world is all about streaming but there is something uncomfortable about taking away the cable bill…(yikes) I have done my research and looked into some streaming options. One of my safety nets that I like to have is live news. I like to turn on my local favorite channels and see my news live. That may sound strange to some but that is important to me. They really get you no matter what as the cost of just to have cable in your home is a huge amount as well. I have friends that have rabbit ears in their home and only get channels that come from that- I can not go that far but by the time I add on all the extras that I also currently have it seems to bring me pretty close to my current cable bill. WHAT A GAME.

The sermon is mass yesterday was a great one about less is more and I told myself that there are some things in life that I need to purge and the cable bill is in the top 3 of the list. This brings on anxiety such anxiety as I feel once I do this I will somehow screw myself as that always seems to happen when I research something for a long time bf making a move. Stay tuned I guess, let’s see if I have a fat cable bill next month or not.


One thought on “Cable Bill

  1. We let go of cable a couple years back and I hear what you’re saying because I had that same strange feeling about letting it go. It felt weird. We went with Hulu live so that we still get live news channels. I love it, but at this point with the increases and all the other streaming, we are probably paying about the same, or maybe a tad less than before.


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