Day 9, Such a good day.

Yesterday was my daughters 12th birthday and it was going to be celebrated without her Papa for the first time. I was not sure just how hard this day would be and what to expect out of my child and from all of my siblings and mom as well as this was going to be the first “celebration” since my Dad’s passing two weeks ago.

The day started off great with my daughter getting up for school with no issues (unlike most day I am giving her 50 reminders to get out of bed and how many minutes before the bus will be arriving) that in itself was a HUGE celebration. Out the door she went to have a great day at school. Once she got home her grandmother was waiting for her to take her out for a shopping trip to one of her favorite places to pick out some clothes, of course she comes home with a few things she had to have. Next was dinner at one of her favorite places and her bestfriend was in toe. (at this age most things are done with her friends coming too) The more the merrier was my thoughts tonight! A group of us met up and we had a great time- to our surprise there was BINGO happening at this establishment tonight and we all took part and that was an unexpected fun bonus as mom won 250 bucks !!! I could not have asked for a better Birthday for my kiddo even though the absence of her Papa was obvious, our hearts found joy and the birthday celebration went on !


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