Day 10 It’s time for a massage

The day is filled with action….the needs are high….the stress of not having enough time to get it all done in one day is overwhelming. As I thought about what to write about today I took many deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth— “that is the best relaxing way to help our bodies “reset” I teach our students, I realize that is not enough on some days.

My body hurts and the hot pain behind my neck from the stress of the day is at a point where it is time to make the massage appointment. I try and attend to my own mental health by going once a month. I love this outlet but I know it is not for everyone. It’s like my therapy as I get 60-90 minutes to myself where there is no phone or children to interrupt me. I wish I could shut my brain off during that time but even then the list is being made in my head as to what needs to be accomplished outside of those walls. It’s never ending, the stress of life is always got something to throw at us and today I am taking a hot minute to make my appointment!


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