Day 11 WTH

Well it’s 7:25, I just walked in from my work day and all I see in my house are things that are unkept and need to be cleaned-thrown out-put away-washed. FAITH is all I can say. The counters are covered with crap that she ate after school, shoes and coat thrown on the floor, backpack in the way of the door so I trip on it as I walk in. I’m agitated at the day and don’t know where to start first. Clothes get put away first, then I make my way to the main bathroom and all I can do is start to scrub the sinks and make my way to the shower. It’s one of those moments where everything annoys me.. It’s time to call it a day, I need to crawl into bed and wake to a new day. And what do I see when I enter my room, my D-O-G. Rollie Pollie! AWH, my mood instantly changes and a few pets and hugs later I call it a day and hope for a better tomorrow.


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