Mindfulness when all else fails

It’s a day to reflect on some positive vibes and mindfulness.

Be mindful of your self-talk and be kind and gentle on your journey.

Show up for yourself in ways no one else can.

Leaning into my truth validates my journey and makes me whole.

Life is always busy, forever evolving, change happens and stress can not be avoided. On top of all of this we have our own journeys that we need to navigate and grow through and once in a while we need to remind ourselves to reflect on things that matter most and put other things in perspective to where it does not bring our day/world down kind of thing. Some many people are struggling with some many levels of trauma and pain and there are days we just need to have GRACE. Grace for ourselves and grace for one another.


One thought on “Mindfulness when all else fails

  1. This is such a good reminder to be gentle to ourselves and to others. Everyone’s invisible journey that they are walking warrants grace without exception, because we just do not know what people have gone through. What feels minor to one person might reignite trauma in another. I hope you find the grace you need today:)


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