Leather vs Fabric

Big Sigh….. I look at my family room and contemplate getting new furniture. Besides the typical need vs want I also struggle with leather vs fabric. I have a leather sectional now and it is high quality and has lasted me 16 years. It “works” as in nothing is broken but I am tired of it and want something new. I may have just answered my own question- I have this internal guilt I would call it as my mom has raised us kids in the Need vs Want mindset. It has made me hang on to things longer than I would like to but I can not dismiss it. UGHHHHH.

So the question is leather or fabric? I have pros and cons to both of course and I tell myself I will go with whatever couch I fall in love with, let that be the deciding factor- LOL I struggle with the big purchases in life.


3 thoughts on “Leather vs Fabric

  1. I hear ya. I also am living with 21 year old leather couches. But will stick with them because I don’t have any money for new furniture currently. But if I did, I would get leather again because I still have little kids and leather is washable. I hate making decisions as well. Good luck. I’m sure whatever you pick will be gorgeous.


  2. We have a mix of fabrics actually and I like that. They still flow together, but then I can choose which one I feel like sitting on. Fabric is cozier, in my opinion, but I like the look of leather. So I’m the wrong friend to help since I will make your indecision with this worse 😉


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