Aggravations with being on hold


There is nothing worse than being on hold and listening to the pre-recorded message and the music ….UGGGHHHH. That is what has occurred for me today as I needed to call my daughters Dr. office to speak to a nurse. First you wait for someone to pick up, then once they do you are told you have the wrong extension even thought you did press the correct number and you get the “I’m so sorry” The worst is when they then transfer you, and again you are told this is not the correct area that you are looking for. I give up at that point and start again- someone on their end does not know what end is up. Why is it so hard to get connected to people that work in an office or company? Why is there so many transfers that have to take place before you can speak to a live person. I truly dislike the automated lines and being on hold.


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