No Snake

Growing up my brothers and I had the typical amount of pets I think. We started off with the goldfish from the fun fair, then we advanced to a hamster and when I was old enough I invested my money in a very nice aquarium and all that goes with it. I took care of it of course (cleaning it out every few weeks and buying all the products that were necessary as my aquarium advanced and things needed to be replaced or fish needed medicine to help with whatever sickness came over them. Looking back what a money maker that was. The last pet that we asked for that would last the longest was a cat. of course my mom was an easy sell her response was “ask your dad” So careful thought went into this as I knew it was all about timing. Dad had to be somewhat distracted in order to get a yes response otherwise a flat “No” would be his response. So one day as my dad was at work we went to see him and while he was working my brother and I simply said “hey dad, can we get cat”? “Um sure” is what he said and we ran off with smiles. Ashes joined our family and he was the best pet for our family for years to come.

Now that I am the parent, I see things a lot like my dad ( no pets) It is work, and time and money. But I was a cat lover at heart and one day I figured a cat would bless our home- who would have known that my husband was allergic to cats so that was out- I never had a dog so I was not so keen on one of those but as things turned out we got a puppy shortly after marriage. Rollie Pollie is his name and he is the love of our family. My daughter came a year after we got Rollie and the two of them grew up together and are best of friends.

So where did the love of reptiles come from I ask!!!???? My daughter has been asking for a snake, exotic chameleons, rare gecko’s, turtles, a cat and more for many years now. Pets that I never wanted when I was a kid. I feel Rollie is plenty to care for and of course she swears she will take care of it ( but she doesn’t want to give Rollie the attention he needs half the time) so I say no to anymore pets- until a year ago when I agreed that if she brings home strait A’s from school for the entire school year I will let her get a lizard of her choice -No snake ! but a lizard of some sort. Well we have one more semester to go and so far she is on track to getting her reptile. Sigh. Time to think about where the tank is going to go…….


2 thoughts on “No Snake

  1. Hahaha. Are you ready to feed it live bugs? Glad she is getting great grades. My daughter ask for a gecko too. Once I found out I’d have to feed it live bugs, I’m out. Good luck.


  2. This was so my husband growing up. He had so many reptiles, but never snakes. He had a couple chameleons, and other lizards. How wonderful that it’s motivating her though!


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