Two more days….

The week is coming to an end I can taste the relief of not having to wake up so early, to not have to put on clothes that are uncomfortable, to not have to wear dress shoes, to not have to deal with other kid behaviors that are not coming from my own child. Two more days and then I can try and enjoy the next 7 days of Spring Break. The joke is I will still have to attend to tasks for work as there are reports to write and charts to update but it makes a difference when you can do that form your own home in your comfy clothes, covered by a heated blanket and absolutely NO INTERUPTIONS. I am actually looking forward to the no interruption part- finally being able to catch up on things that are impossible to do during the work day I am given and get done what I need to get done for me.

My daughter is also on break from school next week so a balance will have to be made so that time is spent with her going places she loves and finding moments of relaxation and laughter. Two more days to go…..


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