Got the feeling

It’s cold, cold and did I say cold and grey out today- First day of break and it’s yuck out. These days are perfect for sleeping in and cleaning out a space that needs your attention. After sleeping in today and taking my sweet time getting up, I started to clean house like I typically do on Saturday mornings but this time I had extra energy to start in on places that needed my attention. Every now and then I get those extra bouts of energy like nesting and just clean everything in my sight-not to mention also throw out the things that have not been touched in some time.

I started in the bathrooms, then cleaned my kitchen, then moved into the living and dining room, had the washer going with clothes, and lastly the dreaded basement. We don’t go down there that much unless my daughter has a friend over she will hang out down there. I had the energy to start going through some boxes of things that have been waiting for me to decide what I want to do with them- use it or donate. Today was the day !!! It felt so great to start getting rid of things and having the clarity today to do something with some items rather than just letting them sit for another year- I made a great dent on my first day of break- I feel awesome and it’s not even Noon. Time for some relax time and enjoy the rest of my day.


One thought on “Got the feeling

  1. That’s such a good feeling. I had a mini moment of this today. I tossed some things that weren’t being used anymore, cleaned, organized a bit. All the things I’ve been ignoring for the last two months!


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