was it worth it

I go back and forth on this one….the time you get to spend with someone that you care about is always a plus. Well it was presented to me like this …

Jeff: ” I planned something different for us to do on Saturday night”

I was intrigued and said ” oh really, what might that be”

Jeff: ” we are going to go to a cooking class, thought that would be fun and different”

I paused before I made my next comment as I knew I would hurt his feelings if I did not come off excited but I had my doubts about this class I don’t know why but I did. I asked a few questions such as “what will we be making and where is this class at?”

Jeff: “Umm not sure what but it’s a Mitterrandian dish”

Well I immediately thought spicy and blah. I just hope it’s more than hummus. Again spending time with someone is a blessing and no matter what we did I knew we would make the most of it- so we took our beverage of choice as these classes are BYOB and we were off. The class was small, 5 couples and in the end we sprinkled a chicken breast with a seasoning blend. We also added white rice to boiling water and added seasoning to that. Our chef for this class made the mixture for Falafel in front of us and we made them into balls as she fried them. Now in the end we had a seasoned piece of chicken, rice and falafel. I never had falafel- thought it was ok but overall I was not impressed with this cooking class but my company was amazing. l will not hold this class against other cooking classes in the future as I would like to try another one someday.


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