Break has been going by well so far, I have felt very good about how I have spent my days this week by getting in some Spring cleaning and balancing it with getting together with friends and having time to myself. Last night I get a text from my brother who asks if I could watch his kids for a couple of hours. To be honest this was not how I wanted to spend any of my time this week but of course I said “sure” . On my way home I get a horrible call from my daughter who tells me our basement is flooded- One of the worst things I could have heard at that moment- this can’t be I tell myself but sure enough my entire finished basement is wet from corner to corner–

Being a homeowner having your basement flood has to be one of the worst things that could happen besides having it burn down. It’s after 7pm, I’m tired from my day and now I am faced with water everywhere and a sump that I need to change out. I am grateful that I bought one months ago just incase I needed to switch it out one day but I was not thinking this last rainfall was going to make me have to do that as we did not get that much rain. ( I find out my next door neighbor has his pump draining straight into my property so my pump has been trying to keep up with two homes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am as mad as can be. I knock on his door, ring his door bell multiple times and it’s pitch black out and I am ready to scream my head off – The side of my home is flooded from all his water draining. WTF! Now I understand why my pump could not keep up. He never answers the door and this might be a good thing as I am livid at this moment.

The next hour or two I am in the basement changing out the sump, sucking up water, running fans, ,moving furniture and all the while I just want to cry. – My body is spent and all I keep thinking is “why me” I know there is a lesson in here somewhere but today I am not able to see it.


2 thoughts on “WTF

  1. Oh man, that sucks so much. Water in the basement is the worst! Always a huge fear of mine. We have alarms set on ours and whenever I hear it, my blood runs cold.

    Sending some relaxing vibes your way.


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