Did someone say SNOW

For living in the Midwest we have had a very sweet winter overall. I am not one to complain one bit. I was hoping that once March was in our grasp we would be over and done with the white stuff but it seems it may be here again. Hey I know even in March we get snow as myself and other loved ones have birthdays this month and there have been times it has fallen from the sky as if we asked for that as a gift. LOL. So even with that said I am going to sigh about tomorrow calling for several inches. I have Spring fever and I am looking so forward to Summer. Writing about this makes me note that I have to be sure the snow brush is back in the car incase I need to use it at some point tomorrow. I would not be a happy camper if I have to relay on someone else to brush off my car at the end of my work day.


3 thoughts on “Did someone say SNOW

  1. I have already mentally transitioned to spring. There’s no turning back for my brain now. Bring on the sunshine and tulips!


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