When you thoughts run faster..

The weekend is here and I have many things to accomplish before it ends. My mind has been running all the things I need to get done since last weekend and making lists after lists. It has taken many stops at the store and questioning if I got all that I need. Tomorrow is my daughters family birthday celebration. I LOVE LOVE LOVE celebrating my daughter- I can not believe she is going to be a teenager next week. Planning a party for me is so dang stressful. No matter how many times I tell myself this is the year I am going to go into the planning with ease it never ends up like that. My back is burning as we speak with tension, my shoulders hurt and I have not sat down since I walked in the door tonight. ( Except till now as one of the thoughts in my brain is Don’t forget to SLICE)

One AMAZING thing this year is that my daughter is actually helping with getting things ready as she had off today and so she was left a Honey DO List 🙂 She got everything done and is being very gracious with doing more. What a help this is. I’m checking things off my list in my mind and it feels great as the night is still young.

Time to rap this up and relax !!!


One thought on “When you thoughts run faster..

  1. Sometimes writing my slice is just another thing on my ever-growing to-do list, as well.
    Now on to bigger and better things like celebrating your teenager! I hope it’s a successful party and you get to relish in the events of the day later tonight.


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