Finally It’s Quiet…

HUGE SIGH……after being on my feet for 12 hours straight I sit down for the first time today and it’s so quiet. I love it. The house today was filled with kids running around, yelling with laughter, asking for food, drinks, toys, you name it. When you only have one child, it makes a huge difference when multiple kids are running around the house and that is not the commotion I am used to on a day to day basis, at one point even my daughter got overwhelmed. As much as I love to entertain family and friends, it is so nice when everyone is gone and my house is back to being QUIET.

It was nice to see my daughter with a huge smile on her face when her friends and family arrived- Ice skating was first then back to the house to have fun, eat, break open the piñata, eat cake and open presents. Kids wait a long time for their birthday to come and in a flash it’s over. The day goes by so fast when you have an event taking place, why is that.


6 thoughts on “Finally It’s Quiet…

  1. Have you read the (aptly titled) book _Quiet_ by Susan Cain? It’s what I thought of when I read your slice.


  2. I can so picture that moment when you were able to sit down and enjoy the quiet! How great to be able to enjoy the joy of the party and then the joy of everyone having gone home. I love the contrast between the long, complex sentences describing the busy-ness of the party, and the simpler sentences and phrases describing the quiet home.


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