Celebrating my Girl

Today my daughter turns 13 and is officially a teenager. I have sadness in the fact that time goes by so fast. As much as I wanted her to pass through some stages of life quicker than others, when birthdays come around I always wish I could turn back the time and make her a young girl again. YES I really do mean that. As hard as some of those stages were I would turn back the clock in a heartbeat. I often think how high school is in two years and then college will be next. Just thinking about the day she moves out on her own makes me so sad.

For today in front of my daughter I will put on my happy face and be all full of smiles but inside I have sadness…….


6 thoughts on “Celebrating my Girl

  1. Wow, I feel so much here. I can tell there is a lot more you could have written. My daughter is 10, and I had this exact feeling last night. This constant tearing apart of growing up. I hope your daughter has a great birthday!


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