I feel like a broken record

I ask myself, when will the day come when I do not have to give my child 1,000 reminders to….. “take your shower” ” wake up before you miss the bus” ” clean your room” ” feed the dog” the list goes on and on. Some days I am up for the battles but tonight I am not. It feels like I have already put in a full work week and it is only Tuesday. I would think I sound like a nag and my child would not want to listen to me say it more than once or twice but there are times I have to say it 4,5,6 times before she will actually get up and do what I am asking her to do. So I ask, when does it get better.?

It’s been 40 mins since I have asked my dear sweet daughter to get in the shower and here I sit still waiting for the shower to go on. I think it is time for me to drop the rope and go to bed. I do like natural consequences, the later she gets started on her bedtime routine the later she goes to bed and that causes a problem in the morning when her alarm goes off. Who am I kidding, it causes a problem for me as well because I am the one who will be back to being a broken record telling her to get out of bed , and the bus is coming soon,,,,,yada yada.

2 thoughts on “I feel like a broken record

  1. This will go on forever as I sit here at 11:34 pm listening to my girls still awake…one just finished her shower and the other “will be real quick” I had to post otherwise..I would be asleep already. If you figure out the magic to get them to listen..I will pay you for that gold 🙂


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