St. Patrick’s Celebration

I love celebrating St. Patrick’s. This weekend some celebrations begin. I love when the city turns the river green. I never seen it done in person but one day I would love to go- The sad thing is the older I get I have less patience for all the people. Crowds make me a little unhinged. I have taken my daughter to the South Side Irish parade and she enjoyed that as a young girl. The weather is another reason that I stay away from enjoying the festivities- you never know what it’s going to be like in March. This year is looks like a bad rain storm is suppose to be hitting around Noon. ( I’ll take the rain over snow, sometimes we get snow this time of year. ) I also seem to have no patience for stupidity. When people around me are flat out stupid and seem to not know how to act around others, I have no patience for that.

I better start working on my positive mindset and telling myself starting today that we are going- we are going. All the stars are going to aligned just right, there will not be an abundance of people and the weather is going to be good and there will be nothing but intelligent and socially appropriate people all around me. I’m asking a lot I know.


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