Kids crack me up

Today is my birthday and I got the cutest text video message from my 1& 4 year old nephews and 3 year old niece. As their mom coaches them off screen to start singing “happy birthday to you”…. and I have a huge smile on my face and my thoughts are Awwwwh how super sweet, they are the cutest…then the WWF smack down fest starts before the song is even completed. My niece smacks her younger brother who then smacks her back and goes for her hair as he is pulling it his older brother who is still singing to me smacks his younger brother and also kicks his sister. OH WOW all the while my sister-n-law is singing in the background “Happy Birthday Auntie Kimmmmmm, we love you !! As if she does not see what is happening right in front of her eyes- I guess it is better to act as if all is well and not make a scene! HA HA HA! I needed that laugh today and I look forward to seeing those little angels this weekend.


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