Hello Friday

It’s been a long week of different things- work tasks, home tasks and life events. HELLO Friday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I enjoy celebrating all holidays and to me St. Patrick’s is a holiday. My family is Scotch Irish and Catholic, even if I had 0% of Irish in me I would still celebrate this day. Everyone is Irish on this day. My family celebrates with the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal and a green beverage. When my daughter was little the Leprechauns would visit while she slept and come morning the trails of mischief in the house were present. Those were the days-

Thankfully I have little nephews and a young niece that we do the younger activities with and they think it is all magical. At all costs, these moments are savored, as time goes by to fast and the littles do grow up. TGIF I look forward to some celebrating, rest and memory making.


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