First day of break

Oh geeze that damn dog — shut him up! When people allow their dogs to bark and bark I think they should be fined. It is the fist Monday morning of my break and sleepiong in was on my agenda today. As my brain is focused on the dog barking I realize it is not to much later than the time I typically wake up on a school day— UGGGH not happy. I then tune in to the fact my back is killing me and how I must go for an adjustment today at some point. There is no going back to bed now the items that I hope to get done today are starting to travel through my mind. Might as well get up and start my day. As I peek into my daughters room to see if she has woken yet I see movement from the dog as he stretches out, that means my child is still asleep. Maybe I will go lay back down for a few as no one in this house is up yet anyway……….The chores can wait ———


Mom’s Birthday

So much for sunshine… but the day must press on. My mom is not particular when it comes to special occasions. Mom is very laid back and goes with the flow, her birthday is no different. No fuss no muss.

After much thought mom decided she did not want to go out for dinner but asked that I cook her a meal- New recipe …. As I read each line and watched what I added in with each ingredient I hoped that it will turn out and taste like something….. Into the oven it goes. Looks good. Bread goes in next. Table is set. Knock Knock… Mom is here….Let’s have some wine shall we!

The sounds of something…

Is there a particular sound that makes you smile or makes your insides happy? What I mean is– for me it’s the sound of the wash machanie or the vacuum, and or the lawn mower. It brings such gratification and a sense or happiness inside of me becuase the sounds of those things means something is being accomplished. Call me strange but there is nothing like a sunny day while relaxing with a good book and listening to the sound of the vacuum on the second floor being pushied around and the lawnmover going as it cuts my lawn and the wash machanie going all at the same time or seperatly through out the day. Oh and let’s not forget the dishwasher !!! I like a clean house and a well kept yard. When those sounds are happening that means work is getting done in my house and that makes me smile on the inside and out ! Speaking of…gotta flip the laundry. grumble grumble….


Can you say Spring Break ! It’s hard to believe the week has finally arrived. Going into this day you wonder what will the day be like. Please let the hours go by with no big suprises. Of course I have my “to do list” that needs to get done before the bell rings and as always the kids seem to have the inside know- how to when you are trying to complete something and that is when all H LL breaks loose. As I made my way through my tasks the minutes day continued to go by and prouctivity was on its way. Before I knew it the bell was about to ring……….. H E L L O Spring Break !!!


There are times in my life that I look back on and wonder What If??? I’m in that place right now and I wish I knew how to shake it off. I’m sure the lack of sunshine is putting this damper on my moods and because of the gloom outside my mind is allowing me to think of this thing called Regret……..Regret is not healthy and I know this. But it does not stop me from wondering about things that I have no control over. I want answers, answers that I think will make everything ok and will give me the ability to move on?. But will it really.

In a rush

Why is it, that there are always a number of things that need to be done after the 8 hour work day is over… The home tasks are never ending. My body aches as I sit here and type this entry and there is still dinner to be served, cleaned up, laundry to be completed, work repots to type, floors to cleaned and bills to be paid. SIGH….

I sound like a complete Debbie downer — I need a service that can be in my home getting all the tasks done while I am at work so when I do walk in the door the pressure of all the other things on the to do list is completed. I am sure this is the wish of most women in America…. Gotta keep living the dream in my house.

Last Nerve,,,,,

When I tell my child to be sure she brings home her homework after she has forgotten it for the past two days at school and she was told she would be grounded till the end of time….You would think she would have it in hand as she walked in the door. As I drove up to the sitters to pick her up I was hoping a smile would be on her face telling me “yes mom, I brought my homework home”. Instead I walked through the door, took one look at her and she said ” I could not find the packet mom” …………………..

I lost my cool— In front of the sitter she was told to ger her butt in the car and to pray there is someone at the school to let her in to find her homework… SCREAM- SEEING RED—- She will not see the weekend sunshine. My child must have been praying the entire ride over to the school. When we arrived no one was there, and the doors were locked. As we stood there and I hoped for a teacher to pass by , there she was- a random teacher let us in and my child was able to find her paper .