Break has been going by well so far, I have felt very good about how I have spent my days this week by getting in some Spring cleaning and balancing it with getting together with friends and having time to myself. Last night I get a text from my brother who asks if I could watch his kids for a couple of hours. To be honest this was not how I wanted to spend any of my time this week but of course I said “sure” . On my way home I get a horrible call from my daughter who tells me our basement is flooded- One of the worst things I could have heard at that moment- this can’t be I tell myself but sure enough my entire finished basement is wet from corner to corner–

Being a homeowner having your basement flood has to be one of the worst things that could happen besides having it burn down. It’s after 7pm, I’m tired from my day and now I am faced with water everywhere and a sump that I need to change out. I am grateful that I bought one months ago just incase I needed to switch it out one day but I was not thinking this last rainfall was going to make me have to do that as we did not get that much rain. ( I find out my next door neighbor has his pump draining straight into my property so my pump has been trying to keep up with two homes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am as mad as can be. I knock on his door, ring his door bell multiple times and it’s pitch black out and I am ready to scream my head off – The side of my home is flooded from all his water draining. WTF! Now I understand why my pump could not keep up. He never answers the door and this might be a good thing as I am livid at this moment.

The next hour or two I am in the basement changing out the sump, sucking up water, running fans, ,moving furniture and all the while I just want to cry. – My body is spent and all I keep thinking is “why me” I know there is a lesson in here somewhere but today I am not able to see it.


Made the most of the rain

When your given yucky weather you have to make the most of it when it is your break. I needed to replenish my good candles and also pick up a few other things for the house so off shopping I went today even though the weather was not the best to be out in. It’s nice to have time to browse and not have “time” in the back of your head as if you have somewhere else you need to be. This was that kind of day- I feel in love with the candle brand WoodWick. What makes it special is that it makes the crackle sound as it burns and it also burns evenly in the jar. I have burned my fair share of different brands and this one is a keeper.

It’s so nice to have time to get things done when you don’t have to work- I’m amazed how much I can get done with having a few extra days. Weekends are just not enough time and many places are not open on Saturdays and Sundays. Retirement and I are going to get all juuuuust fine.

All about the haircut

Today was my hair day. I am trying out a new girl and the anticipation of will it turn out right has been on my mind for a couple days now. But let’s be real, anything will better than what my hair looks like now- lol. The shop is very cute and clean and Kasia is very sweet and professional. It’s hard to find someone who is good with color- color is complicated.

My mom was a beautician when I was young and growing up we had visitors several times a month with her friends, my aunts and grandma all coming over to get their hair cut, permed, set and Frosted. LOL Highlighting today is done a bit differently than it was when being pulled through the cap was the way you highlighted back then and it costs more too !!

2 1/2 hours go by….. 3inches cut off….. two colors…… and a blow dry later= WOLA I like it, I like it a lot.

Awwwh Baby

Today I got my baby fix. A dear friend of mine gave birth a month early to her first child. Today I went for a nice long visit. Everything about him is tiny- he is a miracle considering he came 5 weeks early. Adjusting to new mommy-hood is not easy but my girlfriend is doing an amazing job. I loved seeing them both today and catching up on everything baby and then some.

The peacefulness that comes over a baby when they sleep is so sweet. The little breaths they take and the sounds they make when they stretch — How I miss that. But I do not miss the sleepless nights being up every 2 hours, the crying and not knowing what is wrong, the bellyaches they get from gas or reflex, not knowing when the chance will come to take a quick shower, smelling like formula or breast mile when they spit up– those little details I do not miss. I held the little guy the entire time, fed him, and calmed him when he fussed. After three hours I am ready for a nap- lol.

was it worth it

I go back and forth on this one….the time you get to spend with someone that you care about is always a plus. Well it was presented to me like this …

Jeff: ” I planned something different for us to do on Saturday night”

I was intrigued and said ” oh really, what might that be”

Jeff: ” we are going to go to a cooking class, thought that would be fun and different”

I paused before I made my next comment as I knew I would hurt his feelings if I did not come off excited but I had my doubts about this class I don’t know why but I did. I asked a few questions such as “what will we be making and where is this class at?”

Jeff: “Umm not sure what but it’s a Mitterrandian dish”

Well I immediately thought spicy and blah. I just hope it’s more than hummus. Again spending time with someone is a blessing and no matter what we did I knew we would make the most of it- so we took our beverage of choice as these classes are BYOB and we were off. The class was small, 5 couples and in the end we sprinkled a chicken breast with a seasoning blend. We also added white rice to boiling water and added seasoning to that. Our chef for this class made the mixture for Falafel in front of us and we made them into balls as she fried them. Now in the end we had a seasoned piece of chicken, rice and falafel. I never had falafel- thought it was ok but overall I was not impressed with this cooking class but my company was amazing. l will not hold this class against other cooking classes in the future as I would like to try another one someday.

Got the feeling

It’s cold, cold and did I say cold and grey out today- First day of break and it’s yuck out. These days are perfect for sleeping in and cleaning out a space that needs your attention. After sleeping in today and taking my sweet time getting up, I started to clean house like I typically do on Saturday mornings but this time I had extra energy to start in on places that needed my attention. Every now and then I get those extra bouts of energy like nesting and just clean everything in my sight-not to mention also throw out the things that have not been touched in some time.

I started in the bathrooms, then cleaned my kitchen, then moved into the living and dining room, had the washer going with clothes, and lastly the dreaded basement. We don’t go down there that much unless my daughter has a friend over she will hang out down there. I had the energy to start going through some boxes of things that have been waiting for me to decide what I want to do with them- use it or donate. Today was the day !!! It felt so great to start getting rid of things and having the clarity today to do something with some items rather than just letting them sit for another year- I made a great dent on my first day of break- I feel awesome and it’s not even Noon. Time for some relax time and enjoy the rest of my day.

Finally Friday

As I drive home from a long day I smile to myself knowing I have a couch calling my name. It is time to relax, destress and enjoy the next 9 days as they are mine to do and spend as I wish. Spring Break is finally here again. (Deep Breath)

Celebrate Mom’s birthday

Plan a summer trip

Clean out my closet

Clean the basement

Schedule a hair appointment

Take Faith shopping

Read a good book

Lunch with friends


just to name a few things on my list.


The sky looks like it wants to snow. It’s grey, dark, light, and the clouds are moving by at a slow but steady pace. It’s a dreary day with no real excitement. After driving home today with manageable traffic I am greeted by my 13 year old pup. His face made me smile as I said “Hello my sweets” as his eyes were bright and his tail was wagging he soon started to bark as he was looking for quick walk. We have a routine him and I, as he likes to take a walk every day after I get home so he can smell every tree and make his mark of course. It only takes about 25 minutes to get around the block but first I have to catch my breath and look a few things up. He snuggles up next to me as if he is watching what I am looking at and saying “come on mom, it’s my turn, let’s go” Our pets can be just as impatient as our kids. OK Rollie, let’s go before it starts to rain again. I open the garage and he runs down the steps and heads to the driveway- “Hold on Rollie I’m coming” ……

Two more days….

The week is coming to an end I can taste the relief of not having to wake up so early, to not have to put on clothes that are uncomfortable, to not have to wear dress shoes, to not have to deal with other kid behaviors that are not coming from my own child. Two more days and then I can try and enjoy the next 7 days of Spring Break. The joke is I will still have to attend to tasks for work as there are reports to write and charts to update but it makes a difference when you can do that form your own home in your comfy clothes, covered by a heated blanket and absolutely NO INTERUPTIONS. I am actually looking forward to the no interruption part- finally being able to catch up on things that are impossible to do during the work day I am given and get done what I need to get done for me.

My daughter is also on break from school next week so a balance will have to be made so that time is spent with her going places she loves and finding moments of relaxation and laughter. Two more days to go…..


1,2,3,4,5…….6,7,8,9,10 yep all fingers are there and they are long and beautiful as I kiss both fists. Let’s see those toes. 1,2,3,4,5,…..6,7,8,9,10. all are accounted for and beautiful. I can’t believe your finally here. I’m a mom wow, I’m a mom.

It took two hours before the nurse brought you to me after you were born something about you needing to be warmed up under the light. The family was very excited as well as we have all been waiting around for some time to see your face. Grandpa was most excited as you were the FIRST grand baby in our family. Here you come finally. Oh my look at all that black hair ( now I know why I had all that heartburn) Your Dad and I have not decided on your name as he wanted to hold you and look into your eyes before we picked the final name. He took one look at you and then looked at me and we both said “Faith” You are a precious gift from God. We could not keep our eyes off of you as you slept, and you were perfectly still all bundled up and warm. My new life of being your mom has begun and I can’t wait to love you to the Moon and beyond.