Reptile Convention

Who would have thought there was such a thing as a reptile convention ?!?!?! Well let me tell you there are some die hard junkies that know a lot about the species and they come from all states just to educate and sell their babies. Because my daughter has fallen in love with wanting a gecko or chameleon of her own soon I thought it would be a good idea to go see what people had to sell and say. W O W , I was not expecting hundreds of vendors and wall to wall people.

There were mostly snakes and when I say snakes every kind of snake. Big, small, poisonous, harmless, rare as they come, you name it, it was there. Then you had some very rare spiders ( since when are they considered a reptile) frogs, toads, geckos, chameleon’s and cute lizards. My daughter was in heaven as I made a ick face to almost everything there. Well the crowd was real and the love for reptiles is strong. I have not been wall to wall like that since Pre-Covid. It was very informative I must say and my daughter thinks she has narrowed her choice down so it was a very well spent afternoon.

No Snake

Growing up my brothers and I had the typical amount of pets I think. We started off with the goldfish from the fun fair, then we advanced to a hamster and when I was old enough I invested my money in a very nice aquarium and all that goes with it. I took care of it of course (cleaning it out every few weeks and buying all the products that were necessary as my aquarium advanced and things needed to be replaced or fish needed medicine to help with whatever sickness came over them. Looking back what a money maker that was. The last pet that we asked for that would last the longest was a cat. of course my mom was an easy sell her response was “ask your dad” So careful thought went into this as I knew it was all about timing. Dad had to be somewhat distracted in order to get a yes response otherwise a flat “No” would be his response. So one day as my dad was at work we went to see him and while he was working my brother and I simply said “hey dad, can we get cat”? “Um sure” is what he said and we ran off with smiles. Ashes joined our family and he was the best pet for our family for years to come.

Now that I am the parent, I see things a lot like my dad ( no pets) It is work, and time and money. But I was a cat lover at heart and one day I figured a cat would bless our home- who would have known that my husband was allergic to cats so that was out- I never had a dog so I was not so keen on one of those but as things turned out we got a puppy shortly after marriage. Rollie Pollie is his name and he is the love of our family. My daughter came a year after we got Rollie and the two of them grew up together and are best of friends.

So where did the love of reptiles come from I ask!!!???? My daughter has been asking for a snake, exotic chameleons, rare gecko’s, turtles, a cat and more for many years now. Pets that I never wanted when I was a kid. I feel Rollie is plenty to care for and of course she swears she will take care of it ( but she doesn’t want to give Rollie the attention he needs half the time) so I say no to anymore pets- until a year ago when I agreed that if she brings home strait A’s from school for the entire school year I will let her get a lizard of her choice -No snake ! but a lizard of some sort. Well we have one more semester to go and so far she is on track to getting her reptile. Sigh. Time to think about where the tank is going to go…….

Youth today..

Technology and I are not best friends. When I was younger I did not have my parents either that were much help in that area– in fact my poor parents needed assistance with programing the VCR to record a show if we were going to be out that night. ( Can’t miss Dallas or Falcon Crest) Things have advanced since VCR’s that’s for sure. I am now the one asking for my daughter to help me when something is not working correctly and making sure I am hooking things up correctly. This seems to be more than often. Today it’s a sound bar for the TV, I always wanted one and this year for my birthday one was delivered but hooking it up was not something I was looking forward to. Today I have some friends over and there teenage son was more than happy to hook it up for me. HOORAY for me! He had the TV off the wall and the console pulled out in a matter of minutes- cords were being plugged in and within a short period of time it was up and running. There was some difficulty with getting the correct settings but in a short amount of time my birthday gift was installed.

Aggravations with being on hold


There is nothing worse than being on hold and listening to the pre-recorded message and the music ….UGGGHHHH. That is what has occurred for me today as I needed to call my daughters Dr. office to speak to a nurse. First you wait for someone to pick up, then once they do you are told you have the wrong extension even thought you did press the correct number and you get the “I’m so sorry” The worst is when they then transfer you, and again you are told this is not the correct area that you are looking for. I give up at that point and start again- someone on their end does not know what end is up. Why is it so hard to get connected to people that work in an office or company? Why is there so many transfers that have to take place before you can speak to a live person. I truly dislike the automated lines and being on hold.


As I’m driving up to my home tonight the sight of my child playing outside with the neighborhood kids brings a smile to my face. Hearing the laughter and shouts from the kids as they play 4 square makes me feel like we are finally coming out of the deep freeze of winter. You would think there were no children on our street as no one comes out in the winter months to play.

Why is that? As a kid my friends and I were out daily unless the temp was a BUURRRR cold of 0. We played from the time we got up till we couldn’t feel our fingers ( most days our parents were telling us to come in to take a break from the cold) We loved being outside and playing all kinds of imagination games and riding our bikes up and down the street. All I can say is kids today have no imagination and relay way to much on technology to entertain them. SAD SAD SAD.

Having my child outside and playing in the fresh air makes me feel like she is has awaken after a long winters nap- lol.

Time Flies

The month of March is a time that goes by extremely fast each and every year for me. No matter how hard I try to be prepared for all the events that are in March such as birthdays and anniversaries I get overwhelmed every year. For some reason this month is also a busy time in my work schedule with extra meetings and unforeseen issues arises without fail. March is also the time of year that I love to go shopping for a new wardrobe to welcome the Spring season and for things for my house. Spring is in the air and there are so many cute things out in the stores that represents the season. HomeGoods is one of the places I love to look around as I can ALWAYS find something in there that I must have especially now- St. Patrick’s items grab my attention as well as Easter. I ask, why can’t the Winter season pass us by quicker than it does. Good bye Winter, hello Spring.

Leather vs Fabric

Big Sigh….. I look at my family room and contemplate getting new furniture. Besides the typical need vs want I also struggle with leather vs fabric. I have a leather sectional now and it is high quality and has lasted me 16 years. It “works” as in nothing is broken but I am tired of it and want something new. I may have just answered my own question- I have this internal guilt I would call it as my mom has raised us kids in the Need vs Want mindset. It has made me hang on to things longer than I would like to but I can not dismiss it. UGHHHHH.

So the question is leather or fabric? I have pros and cons to both of course and I tell myself I will go with whatever couch I fall in love with, let that be the deciding factor- LOL I struggle with the big purchases in life.

Mindfulness when all else fails

It’s a day to reflect on some positive vibes and mindfulness.

Be mindful of your self-talk and be kind and gentle on your journey.

Show up for yourself in ways no one else can.

Leaning into my truth validates my journey and makes me whole.

Life is always busy, forever evolving, change happens and stress can not be avoided. On top of all of this we have our own journeys that we need to navigate and grow through and once in a while we need to remind ourselves to reflect on things that matter most and put other things in perspective to where it does not bring our day/world down kind of thing. Some many people are struggling with some many levels of trauma and pain and there are days we just need to have GRACE. Grace for ourselves and grace for one another.

Day 13: Nice to see the sun

To wake up to a sunnier day and somewhat warmer day I am inspired to go for a walk….

On my walk I am taking in the quietness that is in my neighborhood as there is no one out yet

On my walk I can hear the faint nose of traffic coming from the highway near by

On my walk I can feel the cold breeze on my face and ears

On my walk I think of the coming days of greener grass and leaves on trees

On my walk I start to feel guilty that I did not take the dog

On my walk I start to think of what needs to be done at home when I return

On my walk I am making a list of things I need to get at the grocery store

Once I start to feel the need to get back home and get things done that is when I know my walk needs to come to an end. The 45 mins away was nice while it lasted.

I just gotta

The front gutter on the garage must be filled with leaves, in fact I am sure of it since I did not clean it out this past fall, and the leaves were not going to clean themselves out. When we have gotten some rain in the past month the gutter has poured over with water looking like a waterfall and this would make me upset at myself as I should have gotten up there and cleaned it out as I always do each season. ( Sigh) I told myself that his weekend it was going to get cleaned out since a dear friend of mine was coming out to make sure it got done.

To wake up and see that the weather was only going to be in the low low 20’s that was not going to stop me from wanting that darn gutter checked and cleaned out. Well, even after Jeff told me it was to cold to do he could see on my face that I did not want that to stop this from getting done and the great guy that he is got out the ladder and checked it out- Sure enough it was filled with water and was frozen solid. I wish I could have let it go just in the fact that it was so gosh darn cold out but that is an issue of mine, when I want something done I can not be settled until it is done. Thank you Jeff for being such a great guy and sucking it up for me today.