Can you say Spring Break ! It’s hard to believe the week has finally arrived. Going into this day you wonder what will the day be like. Please let the hours go by with no big suprises. Of course I have my “to do list” that needs to get done before the bell rings and as always the kids seem to have the inside know- how to when you are trying to complete something and that is when all H LL breaks loose. As I made my way through my tasks the minutes day continued to go by and prouctivity was on its way. Before I knew it the bell was about to ring……….. H E L L O Spring Break !!!


There are times in my life that I look back on and wonder What If??? I’m in that place right now and I wish I knew how to shake it off. I’m sure the lack of sunshine is putting this damper on my moods and because of the gloom outside my mind is allowing me to think of this thing called Regret……..Regret is not healthy and I know this. But it does not stop me from wondering about things that I have no control over. I want answers, answers that I think will make everything ok and will give me the ability to move on?. But will it really.

In a rush

Why is it, that there are always a number of things that need to be done after the 8 hour work day is over… The home tasks are never ending. My body aches as I sit here and type this entry and there is still dinner to be served, cleaned up, laundry to be completed, work repots to type, floors to cleaned and bills to be paid. SIGH….

I sound like a complete Debbie downer — I need a service that can be in my home getting all the tasks done while I am at work so when I do walk in the door the pressure of all the other things on the to do list is completed. I am sure this is the wish of most women in America…. Gotta keep living the dream in my house.

Last Nerve,,,,,

When I tell my child to be sure she brings home her homework after she has forgotten it for the past two days at school and she was told she would be grounded till the end of time….You would think she would have it in hand as she walked in the door. As I drove up to the sitters to pick her up I was hoping a smile would be on her face telling me “yes mom, I brought my homework home”. Instead I walked through the door, took one look at her and she said ” I could not find the packet mom” …………………..

I lost my cool— In front of the sitter she was told to ger her butt in the car and to pray there is someone at the school to let her in to find her homework… SCREAM- SEEING RED—- She will not see the weekend sunshine. My child must have been praying the entire ride over to the school. When we arrived no one was there, and the doors were locked. As we stood there and I hoped for a teacher to pass by , there she was- a random teacher let us in and my child was able to find her paper .

Spring Clean out

This is a time where I find myself excited to clean out the old and bring in new life. Why is the chore of Spring cleaning always sometihng that feels like you are moving mountains no matter how big or small the task may be??? I am feeling that right now as March is moving out and April in on it’s way.

As I look around and make my list of all the things I want to get done I start to feel defeated already. grumble…grumble… I know, I need to call the experts and bring in the “team” of pros that will haul it all out and make piles and pitch- donate-save! LOL That’s the answer !!! I’m ready to overhaul my entire house. I feel like I’m nesting and it all must GO.

An Irish Blessing

Many people sent me Irish blessings and wisdom today. It was great reading all the kind words. Waking up to two inches of snow was a mean trick, my daughter said that is what the Leprechauns did to us! So sweet- I had to motivate the house today as we were planning to attend the South Side Irish Parade. It did not snow there so that was a huge plus. As I got ready to head out for our adventure today one could only hope we would find a four leaf clover to bring us some unexpected luck today—

The parade was nice, my daughter loved it, collected lots of crap candy and beads. Two hours went by and I was ready to head home. Another “holiday” gone by…. the years go by to fast. …..

A day with Mom

Having your Birthday a week before your Mother’s has it’s advantages. As an adult now, I love celebrating with her by spending an afternnon together doing something we both enjoy. This year we hit the spa. In years past we have gone to a play, had lunch, gone shopping, or to a show. This year I thought I would be adventorous and try a new place. There are times you just gotta stick to the places you know. The place was not the 10 stars I am used to. There was no class to the place and it could use a good housekeeper. I do not like to talk badly about people so I will stop there—- Let’s just say I will not be recommending it to anyone nor will I ever go back. But Mom and I made the best of it and enjoyed the sunshine God gave us today !!!

Refreshed and Ready

Ready to start the day. Typically it is tough to sleep. Lots of tossing and turning, waking up to the bladder calling me to the washroom…I do not do well the next day when I do not get enough sleep. I am sure I am not alone in this battle. Today is different- today I was not woken up in the middle of the night or from tossing and turning. I got a full nights rest ( or so ) and I an ready to take on the challenges of today. As I had extra time today to take in a news cast I see the topic of the day is women and stress. Stress….UGHH something that ravishes my body frequently, no way to escape it in today’s world. The tasks that come our way and the lack of time to deal with them is an up hill battle. Even as I type this entry I have the endless list in my head of the things that must get done today. How do you deal..how do you get it all done. Impossible on most days.

Rays of Sunshine….

The smell of wet pavement greeted me as I left for work today- The birds were chirpping and my daughter said ” It smells like Spring Mom” Brought a smile to my face. It was a very peacefull drive into work today thinking of what my day was going to be like knowing there are parent meetings to attend and team collabs to complete. Did I mention today is a 12 hour day as we also have Parent Conferences !!! Ugggh. Big Smile.

The kids were here half day- CHECK, no emergencies took place today. Parents are beginning to arrive — here’s to a great evening CHEERS


The day is calm, the air is warm, there is much quiet in the air. I can hear myself think for once. How long will this feeling last? Boy I hope I can get something done and not be distracted by all the hot messes that come my way- I am greatful, thank you god for this moment. A day to reflect on that brought some peace to the week. Geeeee I hope this continues into the weekend.