That’s a nice looking lawn…

Growing up in my childhood home, we had a nice size front and back yard. In the back yard we had a huge tree off to the side and the rest was open lawn that had our swing set and room for our play pool and whatever yard games we dragged out. That was where if as kids we wanted to “play” in the yard that is where that kind of stuff happened. Our front yard was not meant to “play” in. My Dad liked having a nice looking lawn. He cut the grass once a week religiously and applied the fertilizer 4 times a year. I can still hear Dad saying in a loud voice at us kids when we would be riding our bikes up and down the driveway – ” Stay off the grass” ‘Don’t go in the grass” Dad was a bit obsessed with having a nice lawn. I remember feeling annoyed with that. I wanted to play in the sprinkler in the front yard at times or my brothers wanted to play baseball in the front- OH NO- that was not going to happen. To have the matted marks on the grass from people running on it did not make my Dad a happy camper.

Well, I soon turned into my Dad once I owned my own house. I too religiously cut my grass once a week (sometimes twice ) if we have a lot of rain. I do all the fertilizing and keep the same schedule as Dad did. When Faith was little I did let her play in the yard although being a girl she like playing on the driveway most. When the sprinkler came out I had to take deep breaths as I do not like the matted down wet grass look but only having one child and a couple neighborhood kids it did not get that bad. Still, I am just like my Dad- I like a nice looking lawn. I love coming home and seeing my lawn looking well maintained. I am obsessed. With that being said I have been able to look at my grass just about all winter as we have not gotten much snow and I can not wait to start making it green and plush. Thanks Dad.


3 thoughts on “That’s a nice looking lawn…

  1. I’m sure your dad was smiling down at you as you wrote this. You work so hard dear friend. Your beautiful yard is one of the million things you do to take care of your family and I’m glad this brings you some joy!


  2. Tending to my yard IS my part-time job 😆. I am bound and determined to get it right this summer! Every year I’m envious of a specific neighbor who has the greenest grass year-round. I am over here fighting the good fight against kids, dog pee stains, and dreaded grubs. Sometimes becoming bits and pieces of our parents isn’t the worst thing.


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