Love for my Old Man

Rollie is my 14 year old puggle that I have loved since he was 3 months old. I never was a dog lover, I grew up with kitty cats, fish and hamsters. When I married my late husband who grew up with many dogs started to change my heart but I was still very hesitant to the idea. When Scott was diagnosed with ALS I knew I had to bring a dog into our lives and quick. My heart was very heavy with all the unknown that was coming our way in the future but there was no doubt when I saw Rollie all 100 rolls and wrinkles that he was to be ours. I surprised Scott on his birthday 15 years ago and Rollie is still brining us smiles, love and joy.

After we brought Rollie into our lives a year later we gave birth to our daughter. I was very nervous that Rollie was going to eat the baby as he was chewing up everything else he could get his teeth on. But little did I know Rollie and Faith were going to be the best of friends ( Brother and Sister ) Rollie was super sweet with Faith in every way. Faith does not leave the home without Rollie except for school ( although she tried to bring him a few times) and when people would ask her if she has any siblings she said ” yes, I have a brother” It was super cute but I had to explain by adding he has 4 legs and fur. Rollie continues to be loved by all and is spoiled beyond spoiled and the fact he is soon to be 15 makes me nervous. His white muzzle reminds me that he has lived a wonderful and eventful life thus far and we will continue to live our best life. Rollie, I love you old man.


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