Rays of Sunshine….

The smell of wet pavement greeted me as I left for work today- The birds were chirpping and my daughter said ” It smells like Spring Mom” Brought a smile to my face. It was a very peacefull drive into work today thinking of what my day was going to be like knowing there are parent meetings to attend and team collabs to complete. Did I mention today is a 12 hour day as we also have Parent Conferences !!! Ugggh. Big Smile.

The kids were here half day- CHECK, no emergencies took place today. Parents are beginning to arrive — here’s to a great evening CHEERS


4 thoughts on “Rays of Sunshine….

  1. I hope your 12-hour day ends with some treat. You deserve it! Those days are grueling…and tomorrow morning will come before you have a chance to turn around. Hopefully your weekend has nothing but relaxation.


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