Spring Cold…..

UGHHHH… not the way I wanted to start my Spring season with a damn cold. Who has time to be sick? Not I. Off to the store to buy Vitimin C and Puffs with Lotion. This will not get me down as I have lots to get done today, starting wtih Mass to welcome Lent. Today is Ash Wednesday. It’s very rare that I am able to take the day off and enjoy the season.

As I reflect on what is to come in the month of March and April I am excited to welcome the challenge that this month brings with spending more time in prayer. The first challange today was to fast. Typically this is not that difficult for me as long as I stay busy. But today my body keeps reminding me how hungrey I am. – LOL. Tomorrow is a new day. I hope the sunshine keeps coming!


3 thoughts on “Spring Cold…..

  1. That nasty cold is making its rounds to everyone who breathes! I had it in December but am having symptoms again…for now I’m just calling them allergies. I hope you are feeling better soon.


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