Deep Breath and Trust…..

Today I leaned on my faith and put God in the drivers seat as my MIL had open heart surgery. She is older in age and a bit fraile. There have been times in my life when God has tested me and put me through some very rough waters. I was raised in a strong family of Faith, and this has shaped my way of living as I always turn to God with every task that weighs on my heart. Surgery went well today- another prayer answered. Thank you Lord.

Prayers are not always answerd, but today mine was. . TRUST….. that is what I had to do today….


4 thoughts on “Deep Breath and Trust…..

  1. Not always so easy to do…trust. But easier when you know WHO is in charge. Thankful that your prayer was answered the way you hoped.


  2. Your post reminds me of those bring you to your knees in worry moments.
    You’re absolutely right that faith is the only answer at those times in particular. Thank you


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