I just gotta

The front gutter on the garage must be filled with leaves, in fact I am sure of it since I did not clean it out this past fall, and the leaves were not going to clean themselves out. When we have gotten some rain in the past month the gutter has poured over with water looking like a waterfall and this would make me upset at myself as I should have gotten up there and cleaned it out as I always do each season. ( Sigh) I told myself that his weekend it was going to get cleaned out since a dear friend of mine was coming out to make sure it got done.

To wake up and see that the weather was only going to be in the low low 20’s that was not going to stop me from wanting that darn gutter checked and cleaned out. Well, even after Jeff told me it was to cold to do he could see on my face that I did not want that to stop this from getting done and the great guy that he is got out the ladder and checked it out- Sure enough it was filled with water and was frozen solid. I wish I could have let it go just in the fact that it was so gosh darn cold out but that is an issue of mine, when I want something done I can not be settled until it is done. Thank you Jeff for being such a great guy and sucking it up for me today.


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