The sky looks like it wants to snow. It’s grey, dark, light, and the clouds are moving by at a slow but steady pace. It’s a dreary day with no real excitement. After driving home today with manageable traffic I am greeted by my 13 year old pup. His face made me smile as I said “Hello my sweets” as his eyes were bright and his tail was wagging he soon started to bark as he was looking for quick walk. We have a routine him and I, as he likes to take a walk every day after I get home so he can smell every tree and make his mark of course. It only takes about 25 minutes to get around the block but first I have to catch my breath and look a few things up. He snuggles up next to me as if he is watching what I am looking at and saying “come on mom, it’s my turn, let’s go” Our pets can be just as impatient as our kids. OK Rollie, let’s go before it starts to rain again. I open the garage and he runs down the steps and heads to the driveway- “Hold on Rollie I’m coming” ……


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