An Irish Blessing

Many people sent me Irish blessings and wisdom today. It was great reading all the kind words. Waking up to two inches of snow was a mean trick, my daughter said that is what the Leprechauns did to us! So sweet- I had to motivate the house today as we were planning to attend the South Side Irish Parade. It did not snow there so that was a huge plus. As I got ready to head out for our adventure today one could only hope we would find a four leaf clover to bring us some unexpected luck today—

The parade was nice, my daughter loved it, collected lots of crap candy and beads. Two hours went by and I was ready to head home. Another “holiday” gone by…. the years go by to fast. …..


3 thoughts on “An Irish Blessing

  1. So good the parade didn’t have snow. Even better that it your daughter had a great time…crap candy and all. (I hope you get a break from the snow soon!)


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