Furniture shopping… ICK

I hate, hate, hate shopping for big ticket items. I do not have a probelem spending money- in fact I love to spend money. LOL My late husband was always my voice of reason. He did a great job keeping my feet on the ground when it came to me and shopping. What I hate is the fact it takes so long to find the perfect piece. There are many factors that go into finding just the right piece for a room. I spend months on end sometings even a year or TWO to find that perfect item. What hurts the most and is such a let down is when they deliver that item —– It’s DAMAGED. UGHHHHH I have such disgust and just want to punch out the poor delivery guy. Well that was me today. I spent over two years looking for a dining room hutch something that had to fit with the rest of my surroundings in the house and will fit the bill of holding the items I need it to hold. This past week was the week, I purchased the item after many hours of hunting just to have it delivered and the damn doors won’t stay shut. I told the delivery guys this won’t work and they promised the “fix it” guy would be in contact with me and will come fix it.

I hate, hate, hate, shopping for big ticket items and have the feeling of disgust and dissappointment be on the other side instead of happiness and all smiles. ……..


3 thoughts on “Furniture shopping… ICK

  1. This is exactly why I hate shopping too. When I finally make a decision, I feel like I probably should have waited and something better would have fallen in my lap. My front door hasn’t opened for months but I can’t make the commitment to buying a new one. Hoping the “fix it” guy can actually fix it.


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