Final Reflection….

This last entry is also my last day of Spring Break. Sad about my break coming to an end but not the journal blogging. LOL As Spring is trying to enter with all the new and fresh plant life I hope this new season will also bring new and exciting adventures for myself and my daughter. After losing my spouse a couple years ago it has not been the most enjoyable as I am one that does not like doing things on my own. I know I must embrace each day, be thankful for all that we have and tackle the obstacles that try and knock us down. But I do not have to like it. Most days I put on a fake smile and do what needs to be done for her– So with each new Season that comes, I like to hope that this Season will be one that will make a huge differance in our lives, one that will be worth remembering for all time……..


2 thoughts on “Final Reflection….

  1. You made it! Good for you. It was great to check in to see what you were thinking about each day. Thanks for joining this community of writers. I am also hoping this season will be one that will make a difference in your lives…and that we will see you again next year.


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