Here we go again….

This is my second writing challenge and I am striving to be sure I do not forget to write each day. 🙂 I have my family on my mind today as I sit here and type this first entry. My daughter and I had a great weekend until an email was sent to me by one of her teachers saying it was the end of the Tri and she still had 3 missing assignments. I saw RED and could not believe my own child was one of those kids who has told me she had all assignments turned in and finished her Tri 2 strong. It has been a tough year to say the least with all that has come with remote & hybrid learning. My child is one that needs to be in school fulltime just for consistency sake. If she can procrastinate she will- and having remote days brings on that opportunity more than in person learning. I CAN’T WAIT for “normal” days of learning again……


2 thoughts on “Here we go again….

  1. My daughters are little, but I’ve already had a few of those “Oh dear god.. my kid was THAT kid today” moments. It’s given me new perspective for when I communicate with parents! I’m sure she got a fun lecture from you this evening 😉.


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